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„WolfDraal videos” has always been about supporting other creators and I love letting other creators use my music. On this page I give independent content creators on YouTube a license „WolfDraal videos”  videos for commercial or non-commercial purposes. In order to abide by this license I ask for a few things in return. Let's lay things out in a clear, concise manner.


Specifically, „WolfDraal videos” gives Independent Content Creators on YouTube permission to do the following:


You may use the videos in commercial or noncommercial videos on YouTube and other platforms.



This license does not give you permission to do the following:


You cannot reupload the videos to YouTube without adding your own creative content.


You cannot claim the videos as your own.

You cannot sell the videos.



To use  „WolfDraal videos”video, you must abide by the following:



Credit by name (Jan Mrozinski videos) in the description of your YouTube video


Link back to the YouTube channel ( in the description of your YouTube video


You can mention video name but it is not required



Here's a template that you can use for the text in your YouTube video description:


Video by „WolfDraal videos”

Film: Farmlands / 1 (appreciated but not required)

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